Sympathy Bouquet Selection

At a time of bereavement, flowers are a kind and beautiful way to show respect and offer comfort. Flowers are a perfect tribute that can be used as a personal message or a way of expressing your feelings, paying your respects and offering your sympathy. We offer a full range of sympathy arrangements from wreaths to custom floral designs and you can order any of these sympathy arrangments from our shop by calling +353 9521565 or by checking out our contact page and sending us an e-mail.

A floral cross, with pink roses at the centre and a pink rose at the base A floral cushion, white, orange open tulips at the centre A large pink and purple posy bouquet A large floral wreath, adorned with white, orange and red flowers Lemon and white spray Red and pink spray, red and pink roses A wicker coffin spray, with white tulips on top of the coffin A floral teddy, with three pinks roses on the teddy's chest A large, heart shaped, posy, adorned with red roses